About the deck

Created by myself, this deck is all hand drawn but professionally printed. It consists of 72 individual cards with specific meanings and every purchase comes with access to a free online course to help you how to make the most of your deck.   The set also comes with its very own beautiful hand crafted velour pouch (in pink or blue) with ribbon ties and a nearly 40 page guidance booklet to introduce you to working with the deck and the card meanings.

About the Artist

My name is Nina and I am the creative artist who was inspired to design the wonderful and powerful deck of cards known as the ‘Inspired Deck’.

The deck was created out of a need to channel the inspiration and creativity that flowed following the passing of my mother on the 5th November 2015, it has been a great tool for helping me heal and deal with the loss of my greatest role model, my mum.


So, if you are ready to embrace some new beginnings and your own new exciting journey then the deck is a great place to start.

Gain guidance, receive inspiration, take comfort, whatever you need the deck offers you help and takes you forward and remember….

“Always Look Up!”