Firstly let me apologise for the lack of blogging this year. Then let me take that back.


Well, initially I wanted to say sorry for being absent and not blogging, life has been busy, and strange! But then I stepped back and thought about it, why feel sorry for going with the natural flow of life. I truly believe in ‘whats meant to be’ and sometimes what is meant to be is silence, rest, recouperation, or perhaps redirection is needed and some neglected things need to be tended too. Whatever the reasons for absense ‘all is as it should be’ and we really must learn to trust this.

A short while ago I felt that I should return to my artwork and cards, I had really enjoyed creating and it had done me the power of good whilst inspiring others but then I sat to create and nothing good came, my attempts were forced and didn’t flow and subsequently I didn’t enjoy the journey of creating or the end result of that. We have to learn to stop fighting ourselves, when our energy isnt directed at creation why do our egos feel the need to push and chastise us for lack of creation, it is not the time, our egos must learn patience and the cycle of life, we must teach this to our egos by silencing them.

So here is my blog, an explaination of why I haven’t been creating lately and also and explaination of why I wont appologise, I will merely say that I look forward to creating once more when my soul desires to, not my ego.

Until then, enjoy my cards and previous creations, I will be back creating when the wheel of life turns once more.

A season for everything
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