My name is Nina and I am the creative artist who was inspired to design the wonderful and powerful deck of cards known as the ‘Inspired Deck’.

The deck was created out of a need to channel the inspiration and creativity that flowed following the passing of my mother on the 5th November 2015, it has been a great tool for helping me heal and deal with the loss of my greatest role model, my mum.



It has also been an exciting journey watching the deck unfold and a pleasure to create, I am sure she would be most proud not just of the creation of this deck but of what it has to offer those who use it.

I must also give special thanks to my daughter Gabriella who has been a never ending source of support, encouragement and love, giving me the confidence to share this deck with the world and change lives. She has never stopped believing in me.

“My eternal sunshine”

For a little more information about me personally visit my latest blog “Well Hello There”



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