WOW, what an awesome day!

The Inspired Deck officially launched today at the Brentwood Buddhist Centre and the response was overwhelming. It was the most amazing feeling to be selling them and in addition I was also honoured to sell some original artwork and some of my framed prints too.

The stand was manned in the morning by Gabriella from Inspire and she was offering readings using the deck and she was assisted by the lovely Kelly so that when she was busy reading people could still get helping with purchasing decks and artwork.


I excitedly joined the event for the second half of the day. Feedback was so positive and some lovely people were kind enough to make sure they came to find me in the afternoon to tell me how lovely they thought the decks artwork was and have a chat about how it was created. It was truly wonderful to see peoples faces when ‘playing’ with the deck and watching them read the booklet and finding their cards ever so relevant!

Once again, thank you to Gabriella from Inspire and the lovely Kelly for helping to man the stall during the day and to those friends who came along to show their support and to all those who either purchased or showed an interest in the deck.

Feeling SO very grateful today.

The Inspired Deck – Ignite change
with the little deck of big insights!

Inspired Deckb

Deck Launch Event – Thank you!