Beautiful in every way !

I wanted to leave a little ‘thank you’ to Nina; The Inspired deck is really beautiful in every way! The cards have been a source of inspiration to me wether I’ve chosen cards for specific questions or picked daily. I felt at ease connecting to my deck, and the additional guidance booklet never fails to make me smile on the good or the bad days. The blue velour bag is such a lovely finishing touch to this wonderfully unique and creative deck x

Kelly Clancy, UK

 So lovely!

I got a chance to see The Inspired Deck in person last week and they are so lovely! They have such a great feeling when you are holding them in your hands! I also loved how you can see different pictures and meanings within the cards!

Jakki Rossiter, UK

 The inspired deck is AMAZING!

The inspired deck is AMAZING! it is not only an “eye candy” with its beautiful artwork but also assistance for everday issues. I draw a card every day which guides me through my day and inspires me in various ways. I also draw a card if I have a specific problem which I am stuck in. the inspirations the cards present are phenomenal. thank you, NINA, for this wonderful gift!

Helga Baumgartner, Germany