First a little background

I am well known for my control freak nature, those who know me well know that I have always found it hard to let go but creating the Inspired Deck and working on artwork the way I do means trusting and letting go completely.

When I create cards or artwork I have no plan before I begin, I relax, breath, let go and then simply begin to draw. The shapes that I create, I create one at a time with no plan for an overall picture and it is as much a lovely surprise for me as for anyone else when I finish and see what the finished artwork looks like as a whole.

Once the outlines have been created I also have to let go and trust in the colouring in process as the colours that my mind would pick are not the colours I am normally drawn to use and when I am drawn to a colour I have to trust and use it no matter what my control side would rather pick.

So now you know the background here is where the goosebumps come in……


One night I sat to create some artwork, the first creation was as unexpected as always and was this:



I was immediately drawn to create another and this was my next creation:



Both of these cards I just loved, powerful cards full of strength and protection and positive energy.

When it came to colouring them in “Magic” was coloured first as I nearly always colour my cards the moment they are created. I then finished and began to colour “Warrior” and it was at this point my controlling nature kicked in. I really, really wanted to colour the background all green, I felt like the bear belonged in the woodlands surrounded by green and that the yellow and blue I was drawn to use didn’t leave the card balanced looking (as my nature would prefer). Thankfully I had already learnt my trust lesson when it comes to the cards and my artwork or I would have missed out on something very, very special!

So, the two cards were stored away in the special box that I keep my creations in and I thought no more of them for a while. Then I had a visit from a friend of my daughters and after showing her the deck we opened the box that contains some of my other creations including “Magic” and “Warrior”. As she discussed the cards with me she passed me those two and it was as she passed them that they landed in my hands and the goosebumps occurred…………………..


Had I tried to create two cards to join so perfectly as one I wouldn’t have succeeded, even less so creating them without even looking at the other. The yellow block on “Warrior” that annoyed me so, was a perfect fit with “Magic” as were the blue areas that I had, with my brain, wished to colour green.

So there we have it: TRUST

You never know what the great universal plan is and you have to just trust and wait until all is revealed. There IS a grand plan to everything even if we can’t see it as the individual parts are created when the sum of all those parts is finally revealed it is worth the wait.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

Nina x

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Trust – A story of goosebumps