I have been told of frequently of late for not ‘owning’ this deck more! What do people mean by that? They want to know who is behind the deck, so who am I? Here goes…..

I know there is an ‘About The Artist’ page on this site but in truth it doesnt tell you so much about the artist as a little more about the basics of the deck. This wasn’t ever intentional and I honestly never really noticed until people pointed it out but now that they have here I am.

So I’m Nina and I am from good old Essex, life’s thrown its fair share of ups and downs my way, the greatest of all to date being the loss of my Mum and that is perhaps why this deck is so special to me. The deck was created after the passing of my Mum and I know she was there with me as I created it, I was truly inspired and knew something special was happening as I drew, coloured and wrote.

Outside of the deck I enjoy all sorts of other creative endeavours, I also love to play my hand crafted drum that I birthed on a Heron Drums workshop day and nothing gives me greater pleasure than time spent with my dogs.

I am an empowerment coach for canines and their companions when I am not creating and I love it! It fits so well with my deck and with me, constantly guiding and being guided by the kind souls that I meet. I recently started a new venture with my daughter that brings together positive dog training with animal communication to enable owners to work with their dogs on a whole new and much deeper level than ever before (DoLittle Dog Training). Exciting times!

I still create cards as I have a whole new deck in the making but this one is taking some time as my inspiration and guidance doesnt have a chance to come through so often with life being very busy for me right now but as always I have faith that what is meant to be will be when it is meant to be and in the meantime I take my Mums and advice and just always look up!

Well hello there!
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